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We are pleased to see you on the site of a tow car for Derna residents! Towing services price. Here it is possible to choose cheap lorry or automobile service online. You are given an opportunity to order a breakdown truck at the lowest price around-the-clock. There are latest favorable terms for ordering a truck with the manipulator by phone in the daytime. Towing the car the tow truck. You can receive a discount having recommended the tow truck services to your friends and colleagues in Derna. The help will arrive quickly! Here they are

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Tow truck Ч a special purpose vehicle in Derna intended for loading, unloading and transportations of cars in case of their mechanical failure, accident or just allows to tow away a car from the parking place. Fast tow truck. Here the tow truck rental with the driver is offered. The car has a special platform with the winch, or with the manipulator. Order cheap tow truck. Types: winch, the car is loaded by a rope, the tow truck of full, partial loading, with movable or stationary platform, the car is tightly attached to a chassis base, with manipulator, stationary, hydraulic (the safe tow truck), ramp, an automobile transporter (several cars at once).

To order a tow truck. Body types: sedan, coupe, hardtop, fastback, combi, hatchback, station wagon, limousine, van, monospace body, wagon body, barchetta, roadster, spyder, cabriolet, touring body, brougham, landau, targa, pickup. Dimensions: large lorries, average, small-capacity cars. It is possible to tow away a car from any point in Derna and the area. How much is a tow truck. There are supporting documentation for insurance companies. The tow truck will arrive within minutes.

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To call a tow car truck in Derna it is necessary make the application online. Photos of the towing car. Please, specify weight (in tons) of your car. Give your contacts. Carefully fill all fields of an order form. You can learn the final cost of service after information processing about transport distance. To transport the car to another city. The polite tow truck consultant in Derna will phone you to confirm an order.


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