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Every person — the buyer and the seller simultaneously. Everyone realizes the experience, talent, skill. Official website of Tsentr ZANYATOSTI naseleniya. Good labor agency will help you to sell all of this. Welcome! Here it is possible to choose a job for yourself: to find out who wish to buy such qualities as experience, responsibility and capacity for work. The Department of labour inspection. The prices, discounts, actions and conditions of vacancies sale – everything is available here!


Find a job

What is the labor exchange necessary for?

A lot of new, modern specialties have appeared in modern society. Sometimes their bearers don't know representatives of what profession they are. The website of labour and employment. And employers, and those who dreams to find a job favourably need the assistance. This help is provided by labor exchange. Great work is done by those who create the exchanges of vacancies with comprehensive database online: looking the region, people can find job and look for employees, sitting at home. The main staff selection criteria in the most prestigious companies today — experience.

However often the employee can't provide proofs of the experience (for for different reasons). To assist him the labor exchange has resources that will help the worker as well as the employer to show the opportunities. The employment center 2020. As a result, to find the employees with experience in this or that area becomes possible not only depending on the availability of the full curriculum vitae of the employee. There is the opportunity to send and read the curriculum vitae written in a free form and to check additional documents, photos, to learn references is added to instruments of search. The labor exchange respecting itself keeps confidentiality: if the employer doesn't want to open contacts to wide audience, it will be available only to those who will reply on vacancy. The Ministry of labour, employment and social. The same concerns employees whose curriculum vitae in a convenient format are placed on the site. The employee can hide information on himself, or send it only to those who have really interested him.

New paragraph on working conditions

The standard legislation on employment was replenished with important paragraph on labor conditions. It concerns all fields of activity. Such innovation means that the additional paragraph — "labor conditions" has to complete employment contract. Therefore, the list of all possible shortcomings of certain place of work has to appear in the labour contract. On the basis of this list, the worker gets benefits. The website of labour and employment. Depending on that, harmful working conditions are recognized, or not (assessing is carried out by specialists), the relations "the worker — the employer" develop. What contents of the new clause of the labour contract?

The employer has to tell the worker about everything, as for conditions of his activity. The employee has to know about everything that can damage his health in the workplace. The worker must be informed about all means protected him from harmful influence factors taking place at work. What can compensate harmful effects on him in the time spent in the workplace? The employment center 2020. If working conditions are recognized harmful, working week will be 36 hours, instead of standard 40. Workers has an additional seven-day leave annually. Compensation in harmful conditions has to be increased.

  1. Be registered on the site;
  2. Fill in and place the CV;
  3. Pay for services of labor exchange in any convenient way;
  4. Wait for the employer call.


Help at work

How to order services of employment exchange?

The labor exchange will pay your attention to these and other clauses of the contract, will help to choose the necessary category and the direction for search of good job, or the employee. The definition of average earnings for unemployment benefits. Always you can order the call back, to learn the prices of additional services and to get a discount. Find a job, or the employee on the labor exchange online!


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