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Are you looking for a reliable and comfortable car of Renault in the city of Derna? New Renault Sandero specifications and prices. Welcome! On the website you have a unique opportunity to buy any model of Renault car from the catalog. This can be done online, without wasting time and effort. Car prices will pleasantly surprise you. You can borrow a car. Also you will be pleased by various actions in Derna and some conditions of sales giving the right to a discount. Renault prices 2020. In the article you will learn about the company Renault, get acquainted with the novelties of the model range of cars and the most popular cars of this brand. This miracle


About Renault

Among the European producers the Renault company takes not the last place on popularity and quality of the made cars. This car manufacture produces cars, sports and trucks in different bodies and with different levels of equipment, allowing to satisfy the needs of any buyer in the city of Derna. Renault trafic. Renault Group Corporation was founded in 1899. During its existence, the company has experienced a number of crises related to various circumstances. However, since the 70s of the twentieth century, production began to improve rapidly and cars gradually conquered the world market. Today Reno is competing with well-known brand car manufacturers. The lineup periodically updated with new products having an improved bundle. Today among the new models can be called: DUSTER (2015), KOLEOS (2014), LOGAN (new, improved), SANDERO 2 (2014), TWINGO 3 (2014). Renault Cars. Due to the excellent performance Renault cars in Derna occupy high positions in sales. The logo, as well as the production itself, has undergone a number of changes during its existence. Today it is a vertical rhombus on a yellow background with a signed RENAULT name at the bottom. Renault company not only produces cars under its own brand, but also produces engines for other well-known manufacturers.

Leaders of sales among Renault cars

On the first place among the sold cars of this producer in the city of Derna it is possible to put RENAULT DUSTER with confidence. And it's not just that. It is this crossover in a universal five-door body has an optimal ratio of price and quality for most buyers. The basic equipment of the car has a 4x2 front-wheel drive. Renault Sandero Stepway full specifications. But there is a 4x4 all-wheel drive option available in the types of 2WD, 4WD, AUTO. The petrol engine is offered in two variations: 1.6 l, 2 l Or diesel engine (1.5 l). The fuel tank holds 50 liters. Transmission can be mechanical with five or six steps and automatic with four steps. The Luggage compartment is very roomy, with a volume of up to 475 liters. Transformation of the seats allows to increase it up to 1636 liters. The brake system combines two forks. There are disc brakes at the front and drum brakes at the rear. The total weight of the car is 1280 kg. Another model of French production in Derna is in demand among buyers. This is the RENAULT LOGAN. Moreover, this model was popular initially. However, however, the emergence of LOGAN's second generation has increased demand even more. Renault Cars. The improved variant was not distinguished by a strong rise in price, compared to the first model, but significantly differs in quality. That is why he quickly broke into the list of the best-selling cars. RENAULT LOGAN is available in four trim levels: Access, comfort, Privilege, Privilege Luxe. The basic version does not include. Renault Stepway 2020 in the new body photos. The best equipment in the city of Derna has excellent characteristics of safety, comfort, review, salon, multimedia, anti-theft protection and exterior. The disadvantages include the lack of an automatic transmission. But this is fully compensated by other advantages. The engine has two types: 1,6 with a power of 82 HP and 102 HP. Both options have excellent dynamics. The car is easy to drive. Sedan body type is perfect for driving in urban conditions.

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How to buy a Renault car?

To buy any model of Renault car in the configuration you like, right now in Derna you need to perform a number of actions. Fill in the online application form attached to the website. In it, specify the model of the car and its characteristics. Provide your details for feedback. Logan cottage to buy. The website will automatically calculate the cost of your purchase taking into account the discount. To you on the specified number will call the consultant on sales of Renault cars in Derna to confirm the order and clarify all details.


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